Midrand Chapel Baptist could be described as an independent Bible church which is a member of the Sola-5 Association of churches. Each of the terms in this description conveys something of who we are:

Midrand: We are located in Glen Austin, Midrand

Chapel: We are a relatively small church of less than 100 formal members.

Baptist: We believe that baptism is a public expression of faith in Jesus Christ and practice believer’s baptism through full immersion.

Bible: We believe the Bible is God’s all-sufficient, inerrant and inspired Word and emphasize the systematic exposition of the Scriptures.

Independent: We have no formal association with any particular denomination.

Sola-5: We believe that local churches should co-operate with one another in ministry whenever possible in order to build the church and foster and express the unity of the body of Christ (Eph 4:4). We are therefore a member of the “Sola-5” Association of Churches which seeks to bring churches across Southern Africa together around a set of core doctrines and values. (Sola5 Website: http://www.sola5.org )