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    Let’s talk about vaccines….

    I’m not sure if you are experiencing the same thing, but the issue of whether to be vaccinated or not, is fast taking its place alongside sex and politics as topics we simply do not talk about. The conversations I have engaged in have been approached with caution and filled with a generous measure of emotion. This issue is likely to become increasingly divisive in countries, communities and churches, especially in the absence of clarifying communication. So my simple and heartfelt appeal is, let’s talk about vaccines!

    Hosea 4:6 gives us some insight into what lies behind the disintegration of a nation: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me” (Hos 4:6). God’s people were no longer seeking the truth and His Priests were no longer teaching it. They had already decided in their hearts what they wanted to do, what would fulfill their desires and further their goals and they didn’t want to listen to what God had to say about it. As Christians we are called to help one another live in the light of God’s truth and to shine the light of that truth into every area of our lives, especially into those murky minefields of controversy where emotions can explode at any moment. So let's talk about vaccines and as we do so, let’s remember how, why and what we speak: 1) HOW - Let’s tread carefully, remembering to speak the truth in love (Eph 4:15) and to say only what will build up and edify (Eph 4:29). Let’s speak in person rather than on social media platforms, with the goal of building relationships and unity rather than breaking them down (Jn 1:14) 2) WHY - Let’s seek to grow in understanding rather than to merely justify ourselves or win an argument (James 1:19) Let’s not despise or pass judgment on those who reach a different conclusion or conviction (Rom 14:1-4). The goal is to grow in wisdom, unity and understanding rather than enforced uniformity 3) WHAT - Let’s talk about the facts as we have come to understand them and what we don’t understand. Let’s talk about our sources of authority, where we are getting our information from and how trusted these sources are. Above all, let’s speak about God’s Word as our ultimate source of authority and truth and what passages and principles apply to this issue (2 Tim 3:16-17).

    Let’s talk about vaccines for the glory of God. Who will you open a conversation with this week?