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    O sovereign Lord, you are the creator of all men for you have made and support all of life. You are the special Father of those who know, love and honour you, who find your yoke easy and your burden light, those who find your work honourable and your commandments glorious.


    Father, I pray for your body here at the chapel, may we hate and forsake every false way, help us to be attentive to our condition and character and to walk with bridled tongue. Lord keep our hearts with all diligence and teach us to watch and pray against temptation, to mortify sin, to be concerned for the salvation of others.


    Lord may we be united as one in Christ devoted to your glory. Sanctify and prosper our devotion, instruction, discipline and example that your church here may be a nursery for heaven, a garden enriched with trees of righteousness of your planting for your glory.


    Father as we face the uncertainty of the times, the trials of this pandemic, as our thoughts and motivation are challenged, let not those who are of this body who are amiable, moral, inattentive, fall short of heaven at the last. Grant that the promising appearances of a tender conscience, a softy heart that delights in Your Word, bring forth unto victory a bride made ready for Christ.


    Lord we pray too for the two Sola 5 churches - Germiston Baptist & Grace Baptist (Daveyton). We ask that you strengthen them as a body with all power, according to your glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy. Lord, would you cause both churches to walk in a manner worthy of you, fully pleasing to you: bearing fruit in every good work. Grant them such fellowship with You that they may defy Satan, unbelief, the flesh and the world. May their strength rest in the power of Your might.


    We ask this all in the precious name of Christ and for his sake.