This  “mask making” project has proved to be a great encouragement to many in our church and local community. It has given our families, singles and even children, something constructive to do during this time of restricted movement and encouraged them to stay in contact with each other. It has helped them turn their attention away from personal concerns to larger community needs and given us a platform to move into poorer communities with face mask and gospel tract in hand.

Below are some guidelines for setting up a mask ministry in your local church along with templates and instructional videos to help you get started:

Setting Up a Mask Making Project

A Mask Making Project is or should be a whole church project and not just a ladies’ project - in fact everyone in the church except the very young children can play a part.

  1. Identify the area(s) for distribution
  2. Find at least two men to do the final distribution and others to do the transporting of materials between the project team members (those buying, cutting, sewing or distributing materials). All those travelling need an Essential Services permit.
  3. Find as many people as possible to do the sewing
  4. Those who cannot sew can undertake cutting - this is a huge help for the people sewing – and frees them up to sew
  5. Children (and other family members, husbands!) can help pinning, turning and trimming.
  6. Find a pattern for large, medium and small masks sizes (links to patterns/ instructional videos are provided below)
  7. Collect as much 100 % cotton or poly-cotton fabric as possible from the following sources
  8. your cupboards may hold all sorts of treasures such as unused fabric, old sheets, duvet covers, pillow slips, table cloths, old curtains, unused clothing
  9. neighbours, friends, family (this is where drivers are essential)
  10. on line haberdashery suppliers (use cash donations you might be given or offered)
  11. Collect as much elastic, ribbon, bias binding and cord as possible from the above sources
  12. Get making! Wash hands at all stages
  13. After completing masks please wash and tumble dry, or iron. This could also be taken on by a person who can’t sew
  14. Pack completed masks into clean plastic bags
  15. Set a collection day - probably different to the distribution day
  16. Distribute masks along with Gospel tracts
  17. Have fun!


Further Info

Church office:

Mask patterns: adult, child, baby, ties

Contact people:Heather 082 921 1929/ Kerri 084 582 9882 / Justine 071 514 7510

Instructional Videos: