The church has a variety of resources available for the edification of our members. These may be borrowed or purchased by filling in a resource request form, or by visiting the book room on a Sunday morning.

Resource Request

Below is a list of the books available in our library. Please note that many of these books are for research purposes and are not recommended or endorsed by the church. For a list of recommended books, please consult the "recommended reading" tab.

Abused at home (2 copies)ABCP&R Pub.2000
Manual Greek Lexicon of the New TestamentAbbot-SmithT&T Clark1986
We found our way out: cultsAdair, MillerBaker Bookhouse1964
The Family: A Sociological InterpretationAdams, BertHBJ Pub1986
Christ and Your ProblemsAdams, JayPrebuterian and Reformed Pub1971
Your Place in the Counseling RevolutionAdams, JayBaker Bookhouse1975
Insight and Creativity in Christian CounselingAdams, Jay ETimeless Texts1982
Christian Living in the HomeAdams, JayeBaker Bookhouse1972
Competent to CounselAdams, JayePresbyterian and Reformed Pub.1980
Godliness Through DisciplineAdams, JayeP&R Pub.1972
Helps for Counselors: A mini-manuelAdams, JayeBaker Bookhouse1980
Marriage, Divorce and RemarriageAdams, JayePresbyterian and Reformed Pub.1980
Ready to RestoreAdams, JayePresbyterian and Reformed Pub.1981
Shepherding God's FlockAdams, JayeMinistry Resources Library1974
The Biblical View of Self-EsteemAdams, JayeHarvest House Pub.1986
The Christian Counselors CasebookAdams, JayeBaker Bookhouse1974
The Christian Counselors ManuelAdams, JayePresbyterian and Reformed Pub.1973
The Epistle of James (NICNT)Adamson, JamesEerdmans Pub.1976
How to Read a BookAdler, Mortimer JSimon & Schuster1940
The Land of the Bible: A Historical GeographyAharoni, YohananWestminster Press1967
The Macmillan Bible AtlasAharoni, YohananMacmillan Pub.1968
Christians in the Wake of the Secual RevolutionAlcorn, RandyMultnoma1985
The Purity PrincipleAlcorn, RanyMultnoma Pub.2003
Job (NAC: 11)Alden, Robert LBroadman & Holman Pub1993
The Secular SqueezeAlexander, JF  
Managing Our WorkAlexander, JohnIntervarsity Press1975
The Epistle to the EphesiansAllan, JohnsSCM Press1959
Psalms (WBC: 19,20,21)Allen, Craigie, TateWordbooks Pub1983
2 Samuel (WBC:11)Anderson, AAWordbooks Pub1983
Job (TOTC)Anderson, FrancisIntervarsity Press1980
Winning the Values War in a Changing CultureAnderson, Leith  
Islam in the Modern World - A Christian PerspectiveAnderson, Norman  
The Bondage BreakerAnderson, NT  
Walking in the LightAnderson, NT  
A Survey of the Old TestamentArcher, GleasonMoody Press1994
South African JewryArkin, MarcusOxford Un Press1984
A Readers Hebrew/ English Lexicon of the Old TestamentArmstrong, Busby, CarrZondervan1989
The Book of Numbers (NICOT)Ashley, TimothyEerdmans Pub.1990
New Dictionary of Christian Ethics & Pastoral TheologyAtkinson, BJ & Field, DH  
Cubbies Book 1AwanaAwana2002
Spirit Empowered PreachingAzurdia, Aruro GChristian Focus Pub.1960
My search for Charismatic realityBabocox, NeilWakeman Trust1985
Church Administartion - A Guide for Baptist Ministers & ChurchesBacon, F  
A Diary of Private PrayerBaillie, JohnOxford University Press1975
A diary of private prayerBaillie, JohnOxford Un Press1936
The Geography of the BibleBaly, DenisHarper & Brothers1957
Baptist Northern Association Women's Department Resource ManualBaptist  
Church Planting WorkbookBaptist Missions  
An Introduction to English Grammar and Sentence DiagrammingBarbour, JeffThe Master's Seminary1996
The Master's Men: Character Sketches of the DisciplesBarkley, WilliamAbingdon Press 
Church Marketing - Breaking Ground for the HarvestBarna, George  
Todays PastorsBarna, George  
The Epistle to the Corinthians (Harper's Comm)Barrett, CKHarper & Row Pub.1968
A Grammar for Biblical HebrewBarrick, Buzenitz 2001
Understanding PeopleBarron, RobertEvangelical Training Assoc1989
Jude, 2 Peter (WBC: 50)Bauckham, RichardWord Books1983
Breaking the Prayer Barrier: Getting Through to GodBaughen, MichaelHarold Shaw1981
Explore the BookBaxter, SidlowZondervan1960
the View from the Hearse: A Christian View of DeathBayly, JosephDavid Cook Pub.1969
Carving TechniquesBeecroft, Glynis  
Diagramming the Greek New TestamentBelcher, RichardRichbarry Press1985
Nine o'Clock in the MorningBennet, BJ  
Your Quest for GodBennett, Richard A  
Understanding End Times ProhecyBenware, PaulMoody Press1995
The Second ComingBerkhof, LEerdmans Pub.1960
A Laymans Guide to Psychiatry and PsychosisBerne, EricGrove Press1947
The Interlinear Greek, English New TestamentBerryZondervan1958
Documents of the Christian ChurchBettenson, H  
Sexual Sin (Resources for Changing Lives)Black, JeffreyP&R Pub.2000
Sexual Sin (Resources for Changing Lives)Black, JeffreyP&R Pub.2000
Ultimate QuestionsBlanchard, John  
A Greek Grammar of the New Testament and other early Christian LiteratureBlass, DebrunnerThe University of Chicago Press1961
Judges, Ruth (NAC)Block, DanielBroadman & Holman1999
Our Universe: Accident or DesignBlock, David L  
Master your MoneyBlue, Ron  
Master Your MoneyBlue, RonThomas Nelson Pub.1997
Raising Money-Smart KidsBlue, RonThomas Nelson1992
Workbook & devotional: Master your MoneyBlue, Ron (Walk Thru the Bible)  
Prophets of Psychoheresy IBobgan, MartinEastgate Pub1989
Psycho HeresyBobgan, MartinEastgate Pub1960
Studies in TheologyBoettner, LorainePresbuterian Press1947
the MillenniumBoettner, LorainePresbuterian Press1957
Bible Study - From Glory to Glory, Biblical Hope for Lasting ChangeBoisvert, R & Mahaney, CJ  
Joshua (Anchor Bible)Boling, Robert G and WrightDoubleday & Co.1982
Memoir & Remains of RM M'CheyneBonar, A  
Words to Winners of SoulsBonar, H  
Come and Dine: A simple plan for effective B StudyBooker, RichardBridge Pub.1983
The Craft of ResearchBooth, WayneUniversity Of Chicago Press1995
The Essentials of PrayerBounds, EM  
Names for Girls and BoysBoyer, C  
Child Training TipsBradley, RebFamily Ministries Pub.1998
English Grammar for Language StudentsBraun, FrankUlrich's Books1947
1 Chronicles (WBC: 14)Braun, RoddyWordbooks Pub1983
Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther (NAC 10)Breneman, MervinBroadman & Holman Pub1993
Bible Study - How Should a Christian Live? (1, 2 & 3 John)Brestin, Dee  
A Biblical Pursuit of Holiness: The Study GuideBridges, JerryNavpress1978
Bible Study - The Pursuit of HolinessBridges, Jerry  
The Pursuit of HolinessBridges, Jerry  
Trusting God even when life hurtsBridges, JerryNavPress1990
Come Help Change the WorldBright, Bill  
The Coming Revival - A call to fast, pray & seek God's faceBright, Bill  
The Greatest Lesson I've Ever Learned ( Men)Bright, Bill  
The Greatest Lesson I've Ever Learned ( Women)Bright, Vonette  
The Family Book of Christian ValuesBriscoe, Stuart & Jill  
Commentary on MatthewBroadas, JohnKregel Pub1990
Self Confrontation Man uel (BCF): A manuel for in depth biblical discipleshipBroger, JohnBiblical Counseling Foundation1991
International Standard Bible Encylopedia (Vol 1-4)Bromiley, Geoffrey W (editor)  
Hard Sarying of JesusBruce, F.FIntervarsity Press1983
New Testament HistoryBruce, FF  
New Testament HistoryBruce, FFDoubleday & Co.1980
Philippians (NIBC)Bruce, FFHendriksen Pub.1989
The Book of Acts (NICNT)Bruce, FFEerdmans Pub.1988
The Epistle to the Hebrews (NICNT)Bruce, FFEerdmans Pub.1964
The Gospel and Epistles of JohnBruce, FFEerdmans1983
Tyndale New Testament Commentaries: RomansBruce, FFEerdmans1985
Tyndale New Testament Commentary - BruceBruce, FF  
In the Gap - What it means to be a world ChristianBryant, D  
Concerts of PrayerBryant, David  
The Doctrine of Eternal PunishmentBuis, HarryPresbuterian Press1957
Figure of Speech used in the BibleBullinger, E.WBaker Bookhouse1968
Introduction to Old Testament Prophetic BooksBullock, CH  
An Introduction to the Old Testament Poetical BooksBullock, HassellMoody Press1979
Pilgrims ProgressBunyan, J  
A Guide to Family BudgetingBurkett, LarryChristian Financial Concepts1990
How to Manage You MoneyBurkett, LarryMoody Press1975
Money Matters for Teens: WorkbookBurkett, LarryMoody Press1998
The Complete Financial Guide for Single ParentsBurkett, LarryVictor Books1991
The financial planning workbookBurkett, LarryMoody Press1990
Using Your Money WiselyBurkett, LarryMoody Press1985
Joel & Obadiah (mentor Comm)Busenitz, IrvinMentor2003
Living a life of Hope: Stay focussed on what really mattersBusenitz, NathanBarbour2003
Ruth, Esther (WBC: 9)Bush, FredricWordbooks Pub1983
Commentary on ExodusBush, GeorgeKregel Books1993
Into the Glory: Jungle Aviation and Radio ServicesBuuckingham, JamieLogos International1974
God & Cosmos: A Christian View of Time, Space and the CosmosBuyl, JohnBanner of Truth2001
Acts; Romans 1-16 (Calvins Commentaries vol 19)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Calvins Commentaries: 1 & 2 Corinthians (Vol 20)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Calvins Commentaries: Harmony of Gospels, John (Vol 16-18)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion (vol 1-2)Calvin, JohnWestminster Pressn.d.
Daniel, Hosea (Calvin's Commentaries Vol 13)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Ezekiel, Daniel (Calvin's Commentaries Vol 12)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Galatians - Philem (Calvin's Commentaries Vol 21)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Habakuk-Malachi (Calvin's Commentaries Vol 15)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Harmony of Ex-Deut (Calvin's Commentaries vol 2)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Harmony of Ex-Deut (Calvin's Commentaries vol 3)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Hebrews-Jude (Calvin's Commentaries vol 22)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Isaiah 1-32 (Calvin's Commentaries Vol 7)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Isaiah 33-66 (Calvin's Commentaries Vol 8)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Jer 20-47 (Calvin's Commentaries Vol 10)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Jeremiah 1-19 (Calvin's Commentaries vol 9)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel (Calvin's Commentaries vol 11)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Joel - Nahum (Calvin's Commentaries Vol 14)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Joshua, Psalm 1-35 (Calvin's Commentaries Vol 9)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Joshua, Psalm 1-35 (Calvin's Commentaries Vol 9)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Psalm 36-92 (Calvin's Commentaries vol 5)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Psalm 93-150 (Calvin's Commentaries Vol 6)Calvin, JohnBaker Books1999
Behold He cometh: A Study of the Second AdventCampbell, MorganBaker Bookhouse1976
God's Perfect WillCampbell, MorganBaker Bookhouse1978
Life's ProblemsCampbell, MorganBaker Bookhouse1978
Who Switched the Price TagsCampolo, Tony  
10 Basic Steps - Exploring the Old Testament (Step 9)Campus Crusade for Christ  
10 Basic Steps - Highlights of the New Testament (Step 10)Campus Crusade for Christ  
10 Basic Steps - Highlights of the Old Testament (Step 9)Campus Crusade for Christ  
10 Basic Steps - The Christian and Obedience (Step 6)Campus Crusade for Christ  
Leaders Guide: Discovery, Discipleship & Action SeriesCampus Crusade for Christ  
New Life Training Centre Course Notes (1991 - 1994)Campus Crusade for Christ  
Workbook: Family Life ConferenceCampus Crusade for Christ  
Workbook: Marriage Communication and PlanningCampus Crusade for Christ  
Death and Contemporary ManCarlozzi, Carl GEerdmans Pub.1968
Art and Adventures at Home Level 1Carlson, PatthyePrince Press1985
Before I wakeCarlson, PaulDavid Cook Pub.1975
Answers to praiseCarothers MerlinLogos International1972
Exegetical FalaciesCarson, D ABaker Bookhouse1984
The Gagging of God: Christianity Confronts PluralismCarson, D AZondervan1996
The Gospel According to John (Pillar)Carson, D.AEerdmans Pub.1991
A Call to Spiritual ReformationCarson, DABaker Books1992
Colossians, Philemon (TNTC)Carson, DAEerdmans Pub.1984
Jesus and His Friends - An Exposition of John 14-17Carson, DA  
The Passing Summer: A South African PilgrimageCassidy, MichaelHodder& Stoughton1989
The nine Gifts of the Spirit are not in the church todayCate, B.FRegular Baptist Press1956
Community Ministry : CCC StrategyCCC  
Jesus Video - Special Worldcup editionCCC  
Marriag Communication and Planning WorkbookCCCCCC1994
Visitation Evangelism CallingCCCCCC1973
Visitation Evangelism CallingCCCCCC 
Alexandrian ChristianityChadwick, HenryWestminster Pressn.d.
Racing Towards 2001 - The Forces Shaping America's Religious FutureChandler, Russell  
Church Planting at the end of the 20th CenturyChaney, CL  
Design for Church GrowthChaney, CL & Lewis, RS  
Today's GospelChantry, WalterBanner of Truth1970
Signs of the Apostles - Observations on Pentecostalism Old & NewChantry, WJ  
Christ Centered preachingChapell, bryanBaker Bookhouse1994
From Exegesis to Exposition, A Practical Guide to Biblical HebrewChisholm, RobertBakerbooks1998
The Christian FamilyChristenson, LarryBethany House Pub1970
The Renewed MindChristenson, LarryVictor Books1975
BoundariesCloud, Henry & Townsend, John  
The Meaning of the Millenium: 4 viewsClouse, RobertIntervarsity Press1979
Galatians (TNTC)Cole, AlanEerdmans Pub.1984
Mark (TNTC)Cole, AlanEerdmans Pub.1983
Tyndale New Testament Commentary - MarkCole, RA  
Daniel: commentaryColeman, LuckMoody Press1958
The Coming World RevivalColeman, RE  
The Master plan of evangelismColeman, RobertFleming Revell1963
Bible Study - They Meet the Master: The Personal Evangelism of JesusColeman, Robert E  
Christian Counseling: A comprehensive GuideColins, GaryWord Books1980
Complete Christian Classics Vol 1Collins, Owen  
A Dance with DeceptionColson, Charles  
Born AgainColson, Charles  
Loving GodColson, Charles  
Why America doesn't work: A decline of work ethicColson, ChurchWord Pub.1991
An introduction to Chrisian missionsCook, HaroldMoody Press1954
Missionary Life and WorkCook, HaroldMoody Press1959
Ezekiel (NAC:17)Cooper, LEBroadman & Holman Pub1994
Welcome to the Family: guide to salvation, baptismCopeland, KennethKCP Pub1983
Killing Fields Living Fields: An unfinished portrait of the Cambodian ChurchCormack, DonOMF International1997
Issues 2000: Evangelical Faith and Cultural TrendsCouch, MalKregel2000
A Father's Legacy (A Life Story in Your Own Words)CountrymanWord Books1996
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective PeopleCovey, StephenSimon & Schuster1990
Gesenius' Hebrew GrammarCowleyClarendon Press1910
Effective Biblical CounsellingCrabb, LJ  
Creative Decorative PaintingCraft & Home Special  
The Book of Deuteronomy (NICOT)Craigie, PeterEerdmans Pub.1990
St. Mark (Cambridge comm)Cranfield, CEBCambridge University Press1963
Man as God: The Word of Faith MovementCrenshaw, CurtisFootstool Pub.1994
Criswell's guidbook for pastorsCriswell, W.ABroadman Press1980
Mighty Men: Starters guide to leading your familyCrotts, JohnGrace and Truth Books2004
Judges and Ruth (TOTC)Cundall, MorisInter-Varisty1968
Is that Really you, God?Cunningham, L  
Daring to Live on the Edge: The adventure of faith and financesCunningham, Loren  
Fresh Wind and Fresh FireCymbala, Jim  
The church God blessesCymbala, JimZondervan2002
a Manual Greek Grammar of the New TestamentDana and ManteyPrentice Hall1955
An Analystical Hebrew, Chaldee LexiconDavidsonHendrikson Piub1850
Contemporar counterfeitsDavis, JohnBMH Books1973
Moses and the God's of EgyptDavis, JohnBaker Bookhouse1971
Stategy for LeadershipDayton, ER & Engstrom, TW  
The Church struggle in South AfricaDe Grunchy, John WWipf and Stock Pub1979
Ancient Israel: Religious Institutions vol 2de Vaux, RolandMcGraw-Hill1965
Ancient Israel: Social Institutions (vol. 1)De Vaux, RolandMcGraw-Hill1965
Broken Things: The ministry of sufferingDeHaan, M. RZondervan1948
Good News for Bad Times: 1 PeterDehaan, RVictor Books1967
Revelation: 35 simple studies on major themesDehaan, RZondervan 
Satan, Satanism and witchcraftDehaan, RZondervan1972
Simon Peter: Sinner and SaintDehaan, RZondervan1954
The Cross and Salvation: The doctrine of SalvationDemarest, BruceCrossway Books1997
The gospel and the briefcaseDemoss, TeddTyndale house1984
Who is in ControlDevenish, RogerGrace Gateway Books1981
Nine Marks of a Healthy ChurchDever, MarkCenter for Church Reform2001
1 Kings (WBC: 12)Devries, SimonWordbooks Pub1983
Angels: Elect and EvilDickason, C FredMoody Press1975
2 Chronicles (WBC: 15)Dillard, RaymondWordbooks Pub1983
Creative CounterpartDillow, Linda  
Seeker Sensitive ServiceDobson, Ed  
Bringing Up BoysDobson, JamesTyndale Publishing2001
Life on the Edge: A young adults guide to a meaningful futureDobson, JamesWord Pub.1995
Preparing for AdolescenceDobson, JamesKingsway Pub1978
Straight Talk to Men and their WivesDobson, JamesWord Books1980
When God doesn't make senseDobson, JamesTyndale1993
When God doesn't make senseDobson, JamesTyndale house1993
Mastering Conflict & ContoversyDobson, Leas, Shelley  
For the Sake of His Name: challenging a new generation for world missionsDoran, DavidStudent Global Impact2002
New Bible DictionaryDouglas, J DInterVarsity Press1990
Managing YourselfDouglass, StephenCCC1978
Old Maid is a Dirty WordDouglassm, JudyCampus Crusade1977
Bedtime book of Bible StoriesDowley, TimTaylor-Brown Pub.2003
Eerdmans Handbook to the History of ChristianityDowley, TimEerdmans Pub.1977
Bible World (10 of set of 12 children's books)Drane, JohnThomas Nelson Pub.1994
The Life That Changed the World (Bible World)Drane, JohnMcGraw Hill2003
Models of the ChurchDulles, A  
God is for the AlchoholicDunn, JerryMoody Press1965
When Heaven is SilentDunn, RonWord Pub.1994
The Rise of Babylon - Sign of the End TimesDyer, Charles H  
Celebration of PraiseEastman, Dick  
No Easy RoadEastman, Dick  
The Hour that Changes the WorldEastman, Dick  
The Life and Times of Jesus the MessiahEdersheim, AlfredHendrickson Pub1993
Satisfied by the Promise of the SpiritEdgar, ThomasKregel Pub.1996
Essentials - A Liberal - Evangelical DialogueEdwards, DL & Stott, J  
the Lost Art of Disciple-MakingEims, LeroyZondervan1980
What to Expect in the First YearEisenberg, ArleneWorkman Pub.1989
Men, Woman and FamiliesEliot, ElisabethAlpha1999
On Asking God Why: Trusting God in a twisted worldEliot, ElisabethOM Publishing1989
The Path of LonlinessEliot, ElisabethOM Publishing1988
The Word and Song BibleElkins, StephenSteck-Vaughn1999
The Epistle to the Hebrews (NIGTC)Ellingworth, PaulEerdmans Pub.1993
Discipline: The glad surrenderElliot, ElisabethOM Publishing1982
The Savage: My KingsmanElliot, ElisabethServant Pub1961
These Strange Ashes: Is God still in chargeElliot, ElisabethServant Pub1998
Through Gates of Splendour, Shadow of the Almighty, No Graven ImageElliot, Elisabeth  
A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy CarmiichaelElliot, ElizabethFleming H Revell1987
Keep a Quiet HeartElliot, ElizabethOM Pub.1995
the Liberty of ObedienceElliot, ElizabethFestival Books1968
Who owns the Land? Arab Israeli conflictElllisen, StanleyMultnoma Pub.1991
Social Aspects of ChristiainityElly, Richard TThomas Crowell1889
OCD (Resources for Changing Lives)Emlet, MichaelP&R Pub.2000
OCD (Resources for Changing Lives)Emlet, MichaelP&R Pub.2000
Christian TheologyErickson, MillardBaker Bookhouse1993
The Word Became Flesh - A Contemporary Incarnational ChristologyErickson, Millard J  
Christian TheologyErickson, Millard J  
Contemporary Options in EschatologyErickson, MilliradBaker Bookhouse1982
The Touch of JesusEshleman, Paul  
Understanding PeopleEvangelical Training AssociationEvangelical Training Association1989
Beauty and the BestEvans, Debra  
Christian MeeknessEvans, RobertChristian Press1977
The Great Doctrines of the BibleEvans, WilliamMoody Press1912
The Shepherd PsalmEvans, WilliamChris Woolley: oMoody Press1921
Three to Get Ready - Premarital Counselling ManualEyrich, HA  
Growing Kids God's Way: Biblical Ethics for ParentingEzzo, GaryGrowing Families Intern.1993
Preparation for the Toddler YearsEzzo, GaryGrowing Families1994
Preaching that Changes LivesFabarez, MichaelThomas Nelson2002
The Growth of the Church in AfricaFalk, Peter  
Paths of uprightnessFearsonMetropolitan press1965
The First Epistle to the Corinthians (NICNT)Fee, GordonEerdmans Pub.1987
How To Read the Bible for All it's Worth: A guide to understanding the BibleFee, Gordon and Douglas StuartZondervan1981
Jesus the King is ComingFeinburg, CharlesMoody Press1975
Prophecy and the SeventiesFeinburg, CharlesMoody Press1971
The Minor ProphetsFeinburg, CharlesMoody Press1948
The Book of Ezra, NehemiahFensham, CharlesEerdmans Pub.1990
New Dictionary of TheologyFerguson, Sinclair and David WrightInterVarsity Press1988
Physical Sceince grade 1Fetty, MargaretJean Soyke1993
Helper by designFitzpatrick, ElyseMoody Pub.2003
Idols of the heartFitzpatrick, ElyseP&R Pub2001
Love to Eat, Hate to EatFitzpatrick, ElyseHarvest House Pub.1999
Overcoming Fear, Worry and AnxietyFitzpatrick, ElyseChristian Art2001
Women Helping WomenFitzpatrick, ElyseHarvest House Pub.1997
Seven Promises of a Promise KeeperFocus on the Family  
The manhood of the masterFoskick, HarryAssociation Press1913
A Celebration of DisciplineFoster, Ricahrd  
Devotional ClassicsFoster, Ricahrd  
PrayerFoster, Ricahrd  
Ephesians (TNTC)Foulkes, FrancisEerdmans Pub.1984
Breaking Barriers of New Church GrowthFowler, HH  
Tyndale New Testament Commentary - MatthewFrance, RT  
Pencil DrawingFranks, G  
Social PsychologyFreedman & SearsPrentice Hall1981
Principles and Practices of PrayerFrench, IvanBMH Books1983
Audience with the King - Reflections on PrayerFrische, Martin Harald  
Bible Study - Jonah, Habakkuk & Malachi: Living ResponsibilityFromer, M & Keyes, S  
A Heart for the cityFuder, JohnMoody Press1999
The Epistle to the Galatians (NICNT)Fung, RonaldEerdmans Pub.1988
Daniel: CommentaryGaebelein, FrankOur Hope Pub1911
Daniel: CommentaryGaebelein, FrankKregel1963
Revelation: CommentaryGaebelein, FrankOur Hope Pub1915
The Christian use of the BibleGaebelein, FrankMoody Press1946
The Gospel of JohnGaebelein, FrankOur Hope Pub1936
The Gospel of Matthew: An ExpositionGaebelein, FrankOur Hope Pub1914
The Pattern of God's Truth: The integration of Faith and LearningGaebelein, FrankMoody Press1954
the practical Epistle of JamesGaebelein, FrankDoniger & Raughley1955
Leadership for church educationGangel, KennethMoody Press1970
The Secret of Self-ControlGanz, RichardCrossway Books1998
Readers Digest Atlas of the BibleGardener, JosephReaders Digest1971
The Corinthian CatastropheGardiner, GeorgeKregel1974
A Modern Grammar for Classical HebrewGarret, DuaneSteck-Vaughn1999
Winning Jews to ChristGartenhaus, JacobZondervan1963
Come Let us reason togetherGeisler, NormanBaker Bookhouse1990
Foxe's Book of MartyrsGentert, MarieSpire Books1968
the Christian and Alcoholic Beverages: A Biblical PersGentry, KennethBaker Bookhouse1986
The Signature of God - Astonishing Biblical DiscoveriesGeoffrey, GR  
A Woman After God's Own Heart (Sharon Venter)George, Elizabeth  
God Lights My PathGeorge, Elizabeth  
God's Man of InfluenceGeorge, JimHarvest House2003
The Conflict from Eden to EternityGerig, JaredBethel Pub.1980
Building Up One AnotherGetz, Gene  
The measure of a Christian: Studies in TitusGetz, GeneRegal Books1983
The measure of a marriageGetz, GeneRegal Books1980
I Believe in Church GrowthGibbs, Eddie  
A General Introduction to the BibleGiesler, Norman  
False Gods of our Time - A Defense of the Christian FaithGiesler, Norman  
Gambling A Bad DebtGiesler, NormanPower Books1990
InerrancyGiesler, Norman  
Mohammed - The Prophet of IslamGilchrist, John  
The Christian Witness to the MuslimGilchrist, John  
The Koran - The Scriptures of IslamGilchrist, John  
A Greek English Lexicon of the New TestamentGingrich and DankerUniversity of Chicago1957
Synonyms of the Old TestamentGirdlestoneEerdmans Pub.1948
Christianity and SocialismGladden, WashingtonEaton and Mains1905
Reality TherapyGlasser, WilliamPerennial Library1965
Freedom for Mothers: Five Liberating Principles for Victorious MotheringGlenn, Denise  
Commentary on St. Luke's Gospel 2 vols.Godet, FT&T Clarkn.d
Daniel (WBC: 30)Goldingay, JohnWordbooks Pub1983
The Story of ChristianityGonzalez, JustoMoody Press1989
Quiet Talks on PrayerGordon, S.DGrosset and Dunlap1904
Sunday School Curriculum Genesis to Matthew 1Grace ChurchGrace Church2002
Woman to Woman: Wisdom with Words Creates HarmonyGrace ChurchGrace Church2002
The Fundamentals of the Faith workbookGrace Community ChurchGrace Community Church1993
The Fundamentals of the Faith workbookGrace Community ChurchGrace Community Church1993
Just as I AmGraham, Billy  
Peace with GodGraham, Billy  
World AflameGraham, Billy  
Legacy of a Pack RatGraham, Ruth Bell  
2 Peter and Jude (TNTC)Green, MichaelEerdmans Pub.1984
Evangelism in the Early ChurchGreen, Michael  
Evangelism Through the Local ChurchGreen, Michael  
Pocket Dictionary of Theological TermsGrenz, StanleyInter-Varsity Press2000
In Search of the Big BangGribbin, John  
Gospel Characters: the personalities around JesusGriffith, LeonardWilliam Eerdmans1976
A Task UnfinishedGriffiths, Michael  
The First Epistle to the Corinthians (NICNT)Grosheide, F WEerdmans1953
The First Epistle to the Corinthians (NICNT)Grosheide, F.WEerdmans Pub.1953
50 Questions - An Overview of Central Concerns about Manhood & WomanhoodGrudem, W & Piper, J  
Are Miraculous Gifts for Today: Four ViewsGrudem, WayneZondervan1996
Biblical Foundations for Manhood and WomanhoodGrudem, WayneCrossway Books2002
Journal of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (Fall 2003, Spring 2004Grudem, WayneCBMW2004
Systematic Theology: An introduction to Biblical doctrineGrudem, WayneIntervarsity Press1994
A Life Worth LivingGumbel, N  
Your childs profession of faithGundersen, DennisCalvary Pub.1965
New Bible CommentaryGuthrie, D  
Hebrews (TNTC)Guthrie, DonaldEerdmans Pub.1984
New Testament IntroductionGuthrie, Donald  
New Testament TheologyGuthrie, Donald  
The Pastoral Epistles (TNTC)Guthrie, DonaldEerdmans Pub.1984
Streams of Renewal - Charismatic Movement in BritianHacken, P  
A Single Thought: God's Word on SinglenessHadidian, AllenMoody Press1981
Creative Family TimesHadidian, AllenWrite Source2002
Concerning Spirital GiftsHagin, KennethFaith Library Pub.1997
What Faith isHagin, KennethRhema1983
An Introduction to Evangelical Chrisian EducationHakes, EdwardMoody Press1964
Earth Space Science - grade 1Hall, Carolyn  
Pain: The flight of fallen manHalla, JamesTimelss Texts2002
Prayer: To deepen and enrich your prayer lifeHallesby, OAugsburg Pub1975
The Book of Genesis (NICOT) vol 1/2Hamilton, VictorEerdmans Pub.1990
Faith Under Fire in SudanHammond, PeterFrontline Fellowship1982
Counterfeit RevivalHanegraaff, H  
Not Even a HintHarris, JoshuaMultnoma Pub.2003
Stop playing churchHarris, JoshuaMultnoma Pub.2004
Inspiration and Canonicity of the ScripturesHarris, R LairdA Press1995
Inspiration & Canonicity of the BibleHarris, RL  
Acts: The Expanding ChurchHarrison, EverettMoody Press1975
Introduction to the Old TestamentHarrison, RK  
Leviticus (TOTC)Harrison, RKIntervarsity Press1980
Old Testament TimesHarrison, RK  
The Crazy Making WorkplaceHart, AD  
Mastering Pastoral CounsellingHart, Gulbranson, Smith  
Leviticus (WBC: 4)Hartley, JohnWordbooks Pub1983
The Book of Job (NICOT)Hartley, JohnEerdmans Pub.1990
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Pornography (Resources for Changing Lives)Powlinson, DavidP&R Pub.2000
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Pre-Engagement (Resources for Changing Lives)Powlinson, DavidP&R Pub.2000
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The Heart of AngerPriolo, LouCalvary Press1997
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The Tribute - What Every Parent Longs to HearRainey, Denis  
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Discovery Series - How do you live the Christian Life?RBC Ministries  
Discovery Series - Knowing God Through ProverbsRBC Ministries  
Discovery Series - Knowing God Through RomansRBC Ministries  
Discovery Series - Resource GuideRBC Ministries  
Discovery Series - What Can I do with my Worry?RBC Ministries  
Discovery Series - What is Real Love?RBC Ministries  
Discovery Series - When Christians SinRBC Ministries  
Discovery Series - When we don't Measure UpRBC Ministries  
Discovery Series - Why Would a Good God Allow SufferingRBC Ministries  
The Reader's Digest Do-It-Yourself ManualReader's Digest  
Exodus: Learning to trust God, study guideReapsome, JamesInterVaristity1989
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Victorious Christian Service: Studies in NehemiahRedpath, AlanFleming Revell 
Just a Taste of HoneyRendall, N  
Facing Life's Challenges: Discoverig God's standardsRetief, FrankStruikhof1992
Finding God: discovering Christ as SaviourRetief, FrankStruik Christian Books2004
A New Systematic Theology of the Christian FaithReymond, RobertThomas Nelson1998
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Peace ChildRichardson, Don  
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301 Group Bible Study Series - ParablesSerendipity  
301 Group Bible Study Series - Philippians, EphesiansSerendipity  
Bible: Serendipity New Testament for Groups (NIV)Serendipity  
Focus Series - Basics: Confirming What I BelieveSerendipity  
Focus Series - Core Values: Changing from the Inside OutSerendipity  
Focus Series - Relationships: Becoming a Caring CommunitySerendipity  
Focus Series - Stressed Out: Ten Things That Hound YouSerendipity  
Bible Study - First Steps of Faith, Exploring your new life in ChristShank, Steve  
Leading the Congregation - Caring for yourself while Serving the PeopleShawchuck, N & Heuser, R  
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Workbook: Shepherd's Conference 2001Shepherds Conference  
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If Only He KnewSmalley, G  
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Balanced Church GrowthSmith, EC  
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Bible Study Guide - Acts 18:18 - 28:31 The Strength of an Exacting PassionSwindoll, Charles  
Bible Study Guide - Issues and Answers in Jesus' DaySwindoll, Charles  
Bible Study Guide - James: Practical and Authentic LivingSwindoll, Charles  
Bible Study Guide - Strike the Original MatchSwindoll, Charles  
Bible Study Guide - The Church: Purpose, Profile, PrioritiesSwindoll, Charles  
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The Hiding Place, Tramp for the Lord, Jesus is VictorTen Boom, Corrie  
New Testament TimesTenney, Merrill C  
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Handbook of Life in Bible TimesThompson, JA  
The Bible & ArchaeologyThompson, JA  
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Age of Opportunity: A biblical guide to parenting teensTripp, PaulP&R Pub.2001
Instruments in the Redeemers HandsTripp, PaulP&R Pub.2002
Shephering a Child's HeartTripp, TeddShepherds Press1995
Marriage (Resources for Changing Lives)Trippp, PaulP&R Pub.2000
Marriage (Resources for Changing Lives)Trippp, PaulP&R Pub.2000
Suffering (Resources for Changing Lives)Trippp, PaulP&R Pub.2000
Suffering (Resources for Changing Lives)Trippp, PaulP&R Pub.2000
Teens and Sex (Resources for Changing Lives)Trippp, PaulP&R Pub.2000
Teens and Sex (Resources for Changing Lives)Trippp, PaulP&R Pub.2000
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From Jerusalem to Irian JayaTucker, Ruth  
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Church Growth - State of the ArtWagner, CP  
Church Growth and the Whole GospelWagner, CP  
Leading your Church to GrowthWagner, CP  
On the Crest of the Wave - Becoming a World ChristianWagner, CP  
Strategies for Church GrowthWagner, CP  
The New Apostolic ChurchesWagner, CP  
The Awesome Power of Shared BeliefsWagner, EG  
Keyword Learning System: Personal Flash Cards - Old TestamentWalk Thru the Bible  
Leaders Guide: A Biblical Portrait of Marriage, Parts 1 & 2Walk Thru the Bible  
Talk Thru the Bible PersonalitiesWalk Thru the Bible  
Victory over TemptationWalk Thru the Bible  
Workbook: A Biblical Portrait of MarriageWalk Thru the Bible  
Workbook: Experiencing Spiritual BreakthroughsWalk Thru the Bible  
Workbook: Living by the BookWalk Thru the Bible  
Workbook: The 7 Laws of the LearnerWalk Thru the Bible  
Workbook: The 7 Laws of the TeacherWalk Thru the Bible  
Workbook: The Heart that Makes a HomeWalk Thru the Bible  
Workbook: The Testing of your FaithWalk Thru the Bible  
Workbook: The Vision of a LeaderWalk Thru the Bible  
Workbook: Walk Thru the Old TestamentWalk Thru the Bible  
Workbook: Women who Make a DifferenceWalk Thru the Bible  
The History of the Christian ChurchWalker, W  
Greek Grammar Beyond the BasicsWallace, DanielZondervan1996
God's Chosen Fast: A Spiritual and Practical Guide to fastingWallis, ArthurChristian Literature Crusage1968
the New Man: Talks to Christian Young MenWallis, ReginaldLoizeaux Brothers1931
Background Charts of the Old TestamentWalton, JohnZondervan Publishing1978
Armageddon, Oil and the Middle East CrisisWalvoord, JF  
Daniel: The key to prophetic revelationWalvoord, JohnMoody Press1971
The Holy Spirit at work todayWalvoord, JohnMoody Press1973
The Millennial KingdomWalvoord, JohnDunham1963
The Rapture QuestionWalvoord, JohnDunham Pub.1957
Date.. Or Soul Mate: How to Know is someone is worth pursuing in 2 date or lessWanner, Neil ClarkThomas Nelson2002
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Active Meetings on Basic Christianity: 13 complete programs covering faith foundationsWarden MichaelGroup Publishing1991
God's Lesser Glory: The diminishing God of Open TheismWare, BruceCrossway Books2000
Revelation and InspirationWarfield, BB  
I Believe in the Great CommissionWarren, M  
The Purpose Driven ChurchWarren, R  
The Purpose Driven LifeWarren, RickPurpose Driven2002
Knowledge that Leads to EverlastingLifeWatchtowerWatchtower1995
New World Translation of the ScripturesWatchtowerWatchtower 
Reasoning from ScriptureWatchtowerWatchtower1985
DiscipleshipWatson, David  
I Believe in the ChurchWatson, David  
The Godly Man's PictureWatson, ThomasBanner of Truth Pub.1666
Bible Study - Economic JusticeWebb, Jana L  
Worship is a VerbWebber, RE  
Selling Jesus - Whats wrong with marketing the Church?Webster, DD  
What should you know about bible translations?Weiss, ChristianBack to the Bible1977
A.D.D (Resources for Changing Lives)Welch, Edward, TP&R Pub.2000
A.D.D (Resources for Changing Lives)Welch, Edward, TP&R Pub.2000
Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave: Finding Hope in the Power of the GospelWelch, Edward, TP&R Pub.2001
Depression (Resources for Changing Lives)Welch, Edward, TP&R Pub.2000
Homosexuality (Resources for Changing Lives)Welch, Edward, TP&R Pub.2000
Homosexuality (Resources for Changing Lives)Welch, Edward, TP&R Pub.2000
Just One More (Resources for Changing Lives)Welch, Edward, TP&R Pub.2000
Just One More (Resources for Changing Lives)Welch, Edward, TP&R Pub.2000
Motives (Resources for Changing Lives)Welch, Edward, TP&R Pub.2000
Motives (Resources for Changing Lives)Welch, Edward, TP&R Pub.2000
Self-Injury (Resources for Changing Lives)Welch, Edward, TP&R Pub.2000
Self-Injury (Resources for Changing Lives)Welch, Edward, TP&R Pub.2000
When People are Big and God is SmallWelch, Edward, TP&R Pub.1997
Heroes of the Faith - Billy GrahamWellman, Sam  
Genesis (WBC: 1,2)Wenham, GordonWordbook Pub.1983
Numbers (TOTC)Wenham, GordonIntervarsity Press1980
The Book of Leviticus (NICOT)Wenham, GordonEerdmans Pub.1979
Christ and the BibleWenhan, JW  
Premillennial Essays: Prophetic ConferenceWest, NathanielBryant Baptist Pub.1879
Good GriefWestberg, GrangerFortress Press1962
Good GriefWestberg, GrangerFortress Press1962
The King James Only Controversy: Can you trust the modern translatiosnWhite, James RBethany House1995
The Church and the parachurch: an uneasy marriageWhite, JerryMultnoma Pub.1983
Eros: Defiled, the Christian and Sexual SinWhite, JohnInterVarsity Press1978
Healing the Wounded: The costly love of Church DisciplineWhite, JohnIntervarsity Press1985
The Golden Cow: Materialism…White, JohnIntervarsity Press1979
The Race: Discipleship for the Long RunWhite, JohnIntervarsity Press1984
Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian LifeWhitney, DonaldNavpress2002
Whytes Bible Characters Vol 1Whyte, AlexanderZondervan1966
Whytes Bible Characters Vol 2Whyte, AlexanderZondervan1966
Angry People: Understanding and overcoming angerWiersbe, WarrenBack to the Bible1987
Anthology of JesusWiersbe, WarrenKregel1926
Classic Sermons on SufferingWiersbe, WarrenKregel1984
Scriptures that SingWiersbe, WarrenBack to the Bible1986
The integrity CrisisWiersbe, WarrenThomas Nelson1988
The strategy of Satan: how to detect and defeat himWiersbe, WarrenTyndale house1988
What to Wear to the War: Studies from Eph 6Wiersbe, WarrenBack to the Bible1986
Why us? When bad things happen to good peopleWiersbe, WarrenPower Books1984
With the Word: A Devotion CommentaryWiersbe, WarrenThomas Nelson1991
Wilkinson and Boa Bible HandbookWilkinson, BoaThomas Nelson2002
7 Laws of the Learner Resource GuideWilkinson, Bruce  
7 Laws of the Learner TextbookWilkinson, Bruce  
First Hand FaithWilkinson, Bruce  
Renewal Theology: Systematic theology from a charismatic perspectiveWilliams, Rodman JZondervan1996
Renewal Theology: Systematic theology from a charismatic perspectiveWilliams, Rodman JZondervan1996
The King is comingWillmington, HTyndale1973
The Best of Josh McDowell - A Ready DefenseWilson, Bill  
That Incredible Book - The BibleWilson, CA  
Perspectives on the World Christian MovementWinter, R & Hawthorne, S  
A Survey of Israel's HistoryWood, LeonZondervan1970
Prayers that avail muchWord ministriesHarrison House1989
The Book of Joshua (NICOT)Woudstra, MartenEerdmans Pub.1990
Holding on to RomanceWright, NormanHuman And Rousseau1987
Personal Holiness in Times of Tempation - WorkbookWTB  
Walk Thru the Pentateuch - WorkbookWTB  
Your Closer Walk - Devotional guideWTB  
Wuest's Word Studies: MarkWuest, KennethEerdmans Pub.1950
Tortured for ChristWurmbrand, RichardSpire Books1969
Why were you bornWWCOGWWCOG1957
The Jesus I Never KnewYancey, Philip  
Where is God when it HurtsYancey, PhilipZondervan1977
Where is God when it HurtsYancey, PhilipZondervan1977
Acts 24:1-Rom 8:39 (The Renaissance New Testament)Yeager, RandolphPelican Publishing Co.1983
The Renaissance New Testament: Gal-Phillip (Vol 14)Yeager, RandolphPelican Publishing Co.1983
The Renaissance New Testament (vol 13: 1 Cor 11:1-Gal 1:24)Yeager, Randolph OFirebird Press1982
The Renaissance New Testament (vol 8, gospels)Yeager, Randolph OFirebird Press1982
The coming Revolution in World MisionsYohannan, K.PCreation House1986
Workbook: Becoming the Noble WomanYoung, Anita  
The Book of Isaiah (3 vols)Young, Edward JWilliam B Eerdmans1972
Doing God's Business God's WayZemek, George n.d.
A Biblical Theology of the Doctrines of Sovereign GraceZemek, George, JB.T.D.S.G2002
NIV Study Bible (leather)ZondervanZondervan1993
Shepherds Conference Bible (NKJ)ZondervanZondervan2000
Alpha Manual   
Bhagavad Gita As it is Bhaktivedanta Book Trust1984
Demon experiences in many lands Moody Press1960
Dictionary of Quotations Oxford University Press1985
Growth Book: For Jewish believers   
Hebrew Bible EvalgeliPRess1976
Marriage Communication and planning Campus Crusade1980
McNally Universal World Atlas Rand McNally1982
The Laymen's Parallel New Testament   
The Master's Seminary Guidelines for papers, theses and dissartations The Master's Seminary2000

Below is a list of the audio/visual resources available:

The God Who is There: Finding your place in God’s storyCarson, D.ABakerBooks2010
The Blazing Centre: The soul satisfying supremacy of God in all thingsPiper, JohnMultnoma2005
Let the Nations Be GladPiper, JohnBaker Academic2010
When I Don’t Desire GodPiper, JohnCrossway2008
Instructing a Child’s HeartTripp, TeddShepherd Press2008
What’s the Difference? Manhood and Womanhood according to the BiblePiper, JohnCrossway2010
The DropBox: Don’t throw them away, bring them here Christian Art2014
Thousands Not BillionsICRICR2005
Courage: Developing characer to stand strongFrancis ChanChristian Art2011