At the moment of conversion, Jesus Christ makes every true believer a member of His body (1 Cor 12:12-13). Believers are Christ’s gift to the church and are mutually dependent on one another. Every local church should therefore seek to identify and care for its members, and every believer should seek to identify with and participate in a local church. Midrand Chapel does this by having “Formal Church Membership.”

The privileges of church membership are at one and the same time its responsibilities, since the members of the body minister to one another. Paul explains these responsibilities in Romans 12:

  • A Commitment to worship Christ (12:1)
  • A Commitment to pursue holiness (12:2)
  • A Commitment to the body (12:3-5)
  • A Commitment to specific service (12:6-8)
  • A Commitment to biblical love (12:9-11)
  • A Commitment to prayer (12:12)
  • A Commitment to financial giving (12:13)
  • A Commitment to relational harmony/ unity (12:14-18)
  • A Commitment to unconditional forgiveness (12:19-21)

Midrand Chapel has a 5 step membership process during which you will learn more about the church and what “Formal Church Membership” entails.

5 steps toward formal membership

  1. Complete a Bible Study on “The Christian Life” and request a home visit, with a member of our integration team, to discuss it with them (Download lesson: The Christian Life)

  2. Complete a membership application form (Download: Membership Application)

  3. Complete a Bible Study on “Church Membership” and request a home visit, with the same person, to discuss the lesson and finalize your membership application (Download lesson: Church Membership)

  4. The Elders will review and approve your membership application, and notify the congregation of your intention to become a formal member

  5. You will be formally confirmed and welcomed as a member during one of our Sunday services.