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Really raised


Main Scriptures
Book: 1 Corinthians
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REALLY RAISED (MK 15:42-16:8)

9 evidences that the resurrection really happened:

  • Definite Death (public, certified)

  • Eye-witnesses (mentioned by name, who died for their testimony)

  • Sunday worship (change after thousands of years of Sabbath worship)

  • Sealed tomb (Large, guarded stone flung one side)

  • AWOL guards (4-16 guards who would be killed for abandoning their post are AWOL)

  • Empty tomb (nobody could produce the body)

  • Resurrection appearances (on Sundays over 40 days to more than 500 at once–1 Cor 15:1-5)

  • Prophetic Predictions (Jesus/Scriptures predicted, even His enemies knew- Matt 27:63-64)

  • Changed lives (fearful, silent disciples transformed into bold witnesses)