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Prison Ministry Visit

“Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

We thank the Lord that we can share this update with you. There was a lot of preparation work that needed to be done before the Boksburg Prison visit on the 22 February 2017. We received about 75 questions from around 26 inmates. We were able to answer 52 of the questions. Some questions were ‘rolled up’ into others. So we certainly got the most important questions answered. This could not have been done without the help of many of you. Thank you!!

Visit to Boxburg prison

The Brothers who put time aside to join the visit were; Chris Woolley, Mike de Villiers, Lito Nunes, Andy Fensham, Prince Mtetwa (previous prisoner at Boksburg Prison, now Brother in Christ) and myself. When we arrived in jacket and tie, the inmates thought that we were lawyers…so we had some come and ask us. But they did not want to stay for the session. Others came and we had about 20 inmates who sat as we discussed the questions in an open type of format. There is a pastor for the church inside the prison, who really enjoyed having us there and he really felt that they benefited from the questions being answered. We left them with enough Q&A printouts to share with the others (many were not able to attend on the day) as well as other tracts and gospel booklets. The Lord was so good. Although difficult to do follow ups, we hope to get responses from prisoners who will write back to The Daily Disciple (this is the writing ministry the Lord has given me) so that we can send them tracts each month to encourage them further. Chris did not get his entry stamp for some reason, so they nearly did not let him out!! Good laugh.


Key lessons for myself:


1- Prince really challenged me in his knowledge of the Scripture. I had to repent because I thought he would not be able to give feedback to the questions, but actually he knows the Bible better than I do…

2- Prince also recalls Scripture when he prays. That has encouraged me to memorise Scripture more and to try and incorporate Scripture into my prayers.

3- I’m learning to rely on the Lord’s strength rather than my own. I’m taking a bit of time to learn this lesson, but please pray that the Lord will continue to teach me.Visit to Boxsburg prison

4- The Lord also uses ‘nobodies’ like Prince, who is uneducated but is willing to learn from God and faithfully do the Lord’s work given to him. You and I are ‘nobodies’ too. Ask the Lord to use all that you are and all that you have to faithfully serve Him.┬áThere is so much work out there.


If any of the youth are interested to assist in this ministry (administrative tasks) are welcome to make contact with me (082 888 8868). There is much work and lots of help needed (stuffing envelopes, responding to prisoners letters, packaging parcels with gospel material to be sent out, etc.)


Let’s praise the Lord and thank Him for His goodness to us.

God Bless.”

Tristan Strever

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