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Godly leadership lies at the heart of healthy families, churches and societies (Jer 23:1-4; Heb 13:17) As such, we provide an on-going program aimed at developing faithful men in our church into better spiritual leaders in our homes and our church.


Since it is the Word of God which equips the “man of God” for every good work (2 Tim 3:16), we meet every second week for 2 hours to discuss the Bible and Theology together. These meetings do not take the form of lectures, but discussions aimed at clarifying and applying biblical and theological truth to various areas of life and leadership.

The two main textbooks are the “Holy Bible” and “Biblical Doctrine: A Systematic Survey of Bible Truth” by Richard Mayhue and John MacArthur. You can obtain a digital version of this book online, or order a printed copy via the church office. We do not want anyone to be excluded merely because of finances, so please inform the church office if you need financial assistance in purchasing the book.


The meetings are open to all men who desire to grow in their knowledge of Scripture and Theology, and are able to commit to do 2 hours of preparation/pre-reading each week.  Since we want to hold “informed discussions” it will not be possible for you to participate meaningfully in the meetings if you are consistently unable to do the background reading/study required.


On the first Sunday of each month we meet during Sunday Seminary (10:30-12:30) followed by a lunch together for the families who able to stay.

On the third Saturday of each month we meet from 6:30-8:30am at the church. The intention is that we can be back with our families early on a Saturday.

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