We hold corporate worship services every Sunday from 8:30-10:00am and would be honoured and delighted to have you join us.

The following information will help you know what to expect:

Welcome: Upon arrival, you will be welcomed at one of the doors on the West side of the face-brick building by a member of our hospitality team. They will give you a visitors pack, which will provide you with additional information about our church. Inside is a slip to provide us with a record of your visit, please fill this in and put it into the offering bag when it is passed around, or return it to the door steward on your way out.

Worship: A service leader will guide the congregation through different elements of corporate worship, which include: Scripture readings, prayers, songs, giving, testimonies, and communion. Guests will not be called upon or singled out in any way. participation in any aspect of corporate worship is completely voluntary.

Communion: On the first and third Sunday of every month we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ through the ordinance of “communion,” otherwise known as, “The Lord’s Table,” or “Breaking Bread.” (1 Cor 11:17-34). At Midrand Chapel we have an “open communion table,” which means that anyone who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord, is welcome to participate with us. We recommend that you refrain if you are unsure about your standing with Christ, and that parents decide whether their children are old enough to properly understand the significance of what they are celebrating.

Giving: During the service, our members are given the opportunity to worship God through making a financial contribution toward the church for the furtherance of our gospel witness (2 Cor 9:7-8). We do not expect guests to make any contribution, though you are welcome to, if you so desire.

Children: We encourage children to join with their parents so that families can worship God together (Josh 8:35; Eph 6:4). A mother’s room is provided on the North side of the main hall, for nursing mothers and young children. Childcare is provided, primarily for children 1-6 years of age. Children who can read and write are encouraged to listen to the sermon with their parents, but are welcome to join childcare if this is preferable. The service leader will dismiss children to childcare at approximately 9:15am. At this point, please escort your own children to their classroom in the house on the West side of the main hall.

Preaching: We believe that the Bible is God’s primary vehicle for communicating and communing with His people. We normally preach systematically through books of the Bible so that God’s Word can be understood in its own context, before being applied to our daily lives. The sermon will normally explain and apply a key passage of Scripture and be approximately 45 minutes long.

Refreshments: We provide light refreshments after the service in the kitchen behind the main hall. Please consider joining us for a few minutes after the service as as we would love you to introduce yourself. The church is not the building, but the people, and this provides the ideal opportunity for us to get to know one another better.

Home Visit: If you would like someone from our church to visit you, pray with you, and provide more information about the church, please indicate as such on your visitors slip, or to one of our door stewards.

We hope you will enjoy your visit. Please feel free to provide us with any feedback so we can improve our hospitality.